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St Patrick Patron Saint of Ireland

Five Amazing Words: “I am Patrick, a sinner.”
Many people are utterly amazed when they read these five words which are recorded in Patrick’s Confession, his own personal testimony, his written account of his life and ministry. People wonder how a man who so clearly describes himself as a sinner could later be recognised as the Patron Saint of Ireland. Perhaps it is Patrick’s honesty that distinguishes him from others who exalted themselves, or were exalted by others to the position of Sainthood.

Saint Patrick’s name has been associated with a number of places of historical and ecclesiastical interest in Ireland, including Croagh Patrick in County Mayo, Slemish Mountain in County Antrim, Downpatrick in County Down, and the Cathedrals in Counties Armagh and Dublin. However, Patrick was not an Irishman. He was born in Britain, in approximately AD 390, during the days of the Roman occupation. His grandfather was a priest. Calpurnius, Patrick’s father was a deacon in the Christian Church.
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