Hope in Troubled Times
22nd May 2017

In a Troubled World There Is Hope

DAMAGE Aileen, Ophelia, Brian, Caroline, Dylan, Eleanor, Fionn, David, Georgina, Emma.

These are the names of storms that arrived in Ireland and the U.K. between September 2017 and March 2018. The ones that will not be forgotten are hurricane Ophelia and the ‘Beast from the East’, a severely cold wind, snow and arctic weather blowing in from Siberia, mixing with storm Emma.

The heavy snowfall and high winds caused devastation, resulting in loss of life, serious injuries, structural damage to homes, power outages and closure of schools. Many roads were impassable, resulting in the army being mobilised to transport some patients in need of cancer treatment, dialysis and other serious illnesses to hospitals. The arctic weather came at the worst possible time for farmers, leaving many of them facing financial ruin as a result of delayed Spring. Sheep farmers were particularly affected, as blizzard conditions claimed the lives of new-born lambs. The storms may have gone, but they have left in their wake a legacy that will not be forgotten.
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