Croagh Patrick
25th July 2016
25th July 2016

Death Prevented Them

‘President John F. Kennedy is dead!’
This announcement, broadcast in November 1963, shocked and saddened not only the citizens of the United States of America, but also people from all over the world. The great mourning that was evidenced in several nations around the world bore testimony to the fact that many had grown to love, admire and respect him during his short term in office.

This man who, as President, had been the representative of the American people, and their Mediator in world affairs, could now do no more for them. While he held this office of power, authority and influence, they had greatly benefited as a result of his work on their behalf. But now their beloved President’s work was over. Beyond the grave he could no longer represent them or mediate on their behalf. Death prevented him from continuing in office.

Yet, when it comes to religion, many people believe that those who were their representatives, priests, ministers or mediators in this life can still continue to work on their behalf even after death.

Many of those involved in Eastern religions still depend upon deceased relatives, Gurus, and ‘Holy’ men or women to make intercession for them. In the Middle East many people depend upon the intercession of dead Prophets, like Abraham and Moses, men who lived in Old Testament times. In the Western world millions look to the Blessed Virgin Mary, Saint Joseph, or the twelve Apostles, who lived in New Testament times. In recent years St Martin de Porres, Padre Pio, and many others have been added to the list of Mediators.

Multitudes firmly believe these people, though deceased, can still work on their behalf. But regardless of whether they be Gurus, Prophets, Priests or Saints, all have one thing in common - Death prevented them from continuing their ministry. None of them can Intercede or Mediate on anybody’s behalf beyond the grave.
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