Amazing Grace
25th July 2016
Beautiful Donegal
25th July 2016


One of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen is County Armagh in full bloom. I had the wonderful experience of travelling through the Orchard County at a time when the apple trees were in full blossom. I saw so many acres of blossom - laden orchards that it has left a lasting impression upon my mind concerning the beauty of Creation.

I have fond memories of making many journeys along the winding road from Loughgall to Armagh city. In this historic city there is so much for the visitor to take in. One cannot but admire its architectural beauty. A number of the public buildings and Georgian townhouses were built by Francis Johnston, a native of Armagh, who was Ireland's greatest architect of that period. These buildings stand today as a testimony to his craftsmanship.

The Cathedral Library, the Observatory and the County Museum are amongst the city's many wonderful attractions. The Planetarium, with its spectacular Star Shows, continues to attract visitors not only from all over Ireland, but from many parts of the world. In scientific circles the Planetarium has earned a world-wide reputation.

However, Armagh is probably best known for its Ecclesiastical history. It seems remarkable to the visitor that both Cathedrals in the city are dedicated to Saint Patrick.

But when one considers the Saint's association with Armagh it is easy to understand why the local people want to identify with him. Patrick called Armagh ‘my sweet hill’, and built a stone church on the hill upon which the Church of Ireland Cathedral now stands.
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